Illustrations for scientific conference

For her conferences with non-scientific audience, Sarah Hurtado-Bagès asked me to improve her presentation. She is working on epigenetic. If you don’t what it is… just like me… let me explain you quickly. 

The first illustration shows how from the same information found in your cells, you can obtain different organs interpreting the information in a really different way. When I am talking about information, I mean the genetic information… so your DNA. You know what I mean right? If you don’t, contact Sarah, she knows much better than me, and she will be glad to explain you. This phenomenon is controlled by little epigenetic elements.

The second illustration refers to the capacity of epigenetic elements to activate or silence this genetic information.
The last panel of illustrations recapitulate briefly what is going on in your cells. So let’s imagine earth as your cells. Earth has a nuclei. Well, your cells too. Interestingly, in the nuclei of your cells you fill find your genetic information. Cells also have several power houses producing energy. Briefly, your cells have a nuclei giving orders, and a power house maintaining the proper energy depending on those orders. How is this genetic information regulated? by epigenetic elements! They will turn on or off this transmitted information. Today you learn how little epigenetic elements can regulate the entire energy within cells.

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