Logo for The International Nucleome Consortium

The International Nucleome Consortium (INC) is a network established to connect diverse scientific experts (« biologists, physicists, mathematician, statisticians, data scientists » ). This network was funded by the European COST action which is a cooperation in science and technology. INC is mainly focusing on building the bridge between basic research related to nuclear architecture and its application in « health, agriculture and industry » . Briefly, nuclear architecture refers to the three-dimensional structure that adopts DNA in each cell nucleus. This structure plays a major role on the activity (expression) of our genes. Hence, understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the establishment of nuclear architecture will elucidate their potential implication in related diseases and beyond. With this ambition, INC network has four years to « accelerate scientific breakthroughs leading to new concepts, innovative interdisciplinary » in their field.

I wish them good luck, and I was glad to collaborate with them for the design of their logo.

The visual identity of International Nucleome Consortium (INC) followed 3 objectives:

to distinguish itself from other scientific networks while remaining professional in line with the field of research, convey an image of modernity, create a visual with a strong impact easy to memorize (especially for the Twitter account).

Finally, a logo showing the institutional codes with a contemporary and original typography has been created.

1: Twitter logo declination | 2 & 3: logo variants | 4: Twitter header

Twitter account view





for further collaboration: sci-sters-editions.com

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